Trading non-ferrous metals worldwide since 1968

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Scrap Dealers Baled, boxed or loose loads of metal; prepared or unprepared scrap   
Contractors Budget or fixed pricing for bids. Components from all types of plants
Power Plants Condenser tubing scrap, feed water heaters; heat exchangers, MSR bundles, etc.
Paper Mills Condenser tubing scrap, paper mill rollers, pumps, motors, cable
Utility Companies Lead covered power cable - loose or on reels, insulated wire, surplus equipments, etc.
Demolition Contractors Power plant scrap; refinery scrap; oversize components or prepared scrap
Shipbreakers Ship condensers; pipe, tubing, flanges, propellers, screen, housings
Electrical Contractors Cable from street jobs; surplus cable from new installations, loose or on reels
Chemical Plants Bids on components worldwide; coordination with demo projects, vessels, tanks, etc.
Refineries Surplus furnace tubes, tube bundles, piping, spent catalyst
Waste Water Treatment Plants Filters, tube bundles, piping
Government Surplus Brass shells, mixed surplus, warehouse clean out, pipe, plate, tubing
Shipbuilders Bids for surplus scrap and maintenance components. Prompt pay and removal.
Engineering Firms Budget or fixed price quotes to support bids; logistical support for small and large projects
Mints & Banks Bids for surplus and obsolete coinage. Fixed or formula pricing for materials worldwide  
Token Manufacturers Fixed or formula pricing for tokens with secure processing  
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