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Trading non-ferrous metals worldwide since 1968




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Ansam Metals Corporation (hereafter Ansam ), established in 1968, is a Merchant and Processor of Non-Ferrous Metals operating a facility in Baltimore, Maryland. Ansam buys and processes new and scrap non-ferrous metals and trades in primary and scrap metals, worldwide.

As Merchants, Ansam buys and sells primary metals such as copper, nickel, zinc, tin, and lead, and many alloys of nonferrous scrap metals. This involves purchasing, warehousing, selling, transporting to customer locations, or direct shipment of metal. In all cases, Ansam is always the principal in the transaction and owner of the metal.  

As Processors, Ansam buys new and scrap non-ferrous metal, provides for the transportation of the materials to its facility and prepares the material for sale to a wide variety of customers. This preparation may involve one or more of the following processes:  sorting, shearing, sawing, torching, shot blasting (cleaning), burning (wire reclamation furnace operations), granulating, briquetting, and baling.

Ansam is capable of precision sorting of alloys of copper, nickel, tin, lead, zinc, titanium and aluminum such as brasses, bronzes, copper-nickels, nickel-silvers, monels, and high temperature alloys.

Ansam specializes in:

Buying and processing new and scrap condenser tubing and units containing this tubing such as feedwater heaters, condensers, heat exchangers, MSRs (moisture separator reheaters), industrial air conditioners, etc. Contact us for a complete list of the tubing alloys purchased.

Processing oversize non-ferrous metals such as large fabrications, tanks, vessels, valves, and ship propellers. The Company's hydraulic saw, band saw, plasma torches, and 30 ton travel lift are unique to a strictly non-ferrous operation.

Buying and processing insulated copper and aluminum wire and cable scrap, including lead covered copper power cable. This cable is processed in our facility with strict control of employee lead exposure by using cable strippers equipped with dust collectors with HEPA filters. Ansam  operates an environmentally clean, state-of-the-art wire burning furnace which is complemented by a zero discharge water purification system.  

All processing equipment is operated by employees who receive extensive and on-going training providing them with the tools necessary to operate safely and in a manner which conserves the environment.

Trading. All buying and selling is conducted by the trading department. All metal is purchased and sold on a contractual basis. The trading department offers many types of transactions including negotiated purchases/sales; bids, forward and formula pricing, consignment business, tolling, and hedging, to satisfy supplier and customer needs


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