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Quality/EHS Policy

Ansam Metals is committed and dedicated to conducting its business as a responsible member of the community, by striving for an injury-free workplace, minimizing pollution, and providing our customers with material of the highest quality on a consistent basis and providing our raw material vendors with consistent and prompt service.

Ansam Metals' business has a positive impact on the environment through the conservation of metals and other non-renewable resources.

Ansam Metals' devotion to safety is realized through adoption of the “Safely - or not at all!” attitude.

Ansam Metals pledges to:

  • Develop and maintain quality, environmental, and health & safety programs that adhere to the best practices within the scrap recycling industry;

  • Comply with all relevant environmental, health & safety laws and regulations, including federal, state, local and other requirements; and work with our suppliers, customers and contractors to fulfill these obligations;

  • Be responsive to our customers and their many needs. Comply with customer specifications and product requirements to eliminate customer downgrades and rejects. Provide vendors with consistent and prompt service, competitive pricing and prompt settlements and payments ;

  • Prevent workplace injuries by providing a safe environment for employees, contractors and visitors in our plant operations;

  • Investigate any workplace accidents, illnesses and near-misses, and promptly correct any unsafe condition or practice,

  • Promote prevention of pollution in all of our operations;

  • Continually improve our quality, environmental, and health & safety programs.

  • Provide resources, including trained employees and equipment necessary to meet all customer requirements;

  • Maintain high ethical standards in relationships with our customers, vendors and employees.

We recognize that the responsibilities for quality, environment, health & safety are shared, requiring cooperation, not only between employees and their supervisors, but among and between all company employees.

In short, our policy is:

“Customer and Vendor satisfaction through quality, responsiveness, consistency, safety and care for the environment”


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